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Going back to school for senior year, is an exciting time in the life of every student. It is even more so for a girl in love for the first time.

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Sassy “MiMi” Sandy Sue, says…

Going back to school for senior year, is an exciting time in the life of every student.  It is even more so for a girl in love for the first time.

“He’s so cute, just look at him, such a gorgeous smile!”  She dreamed to herself as she walked into school that first morning.  “I just wish he would look my way, even if it is just one time!”  First love is such a dreamy, hopeful time in the life of a girl, little do they know in the high school years how many more people they will know and love throughout their lives.

Senior Year; A Time For Love First Love

It is so exciting coming back to school this year, high school has been awful so far.   But this year, my senior year, I bet it’s gonna be amazing.  Jennifer had been hoping each year that school was going to be better.  She would make friends with someone nice, and she would find a boyfriend who really cared about her.  So far her first love hasn’t happened.  What is wrong with me, why doesn’t anybody like me?  I am friendly to everybody, and I work hard at school and I am good at home.  I have a job with money of my own.  What more can I do to make people like me?  Please God, help me,  I so need someone to love me!

She started going to this school when she was in the 6th grade.  It seems like other than one girl friend, she hasn’t been able to make any others.  She had a boyfriend a year or so ago, but that too fizzled out.  “Keep dreaming, little girl.  You’ll never have a good girlfriend, or a boyfriend, good or bad.”  The doubts creeping back in so fast your head would swim.  “Snap out of it, Jennifer, don’t listen to the negative self talk, keep thinking positive.”  she said to herself, while walking to home room.  “Just maybe this is the year, Joel will notice you!”

Friday Night Football/Pre-Game Love

“Let’s go Bulldogs, Bulldogs, let’s go!”  The cheerleaders screamed, encouraging the crowd to get more excited, and pump up that football team.  The first home game of the year, and the Bulldogs are gonna be “hot” this year.

Heading down to the field with the band, preparing for the pre-game show, she kept her eyes on ‘him.  He is her first love, the captain of the football team.  He’s not going to pay any attention to you, and for sure not now, when they are warming up for the game-there came the negative self talk.  The band headed out to the field hanging back in the end-zone until the horn sounded. Cheerleaders formed parallel lines and held the banner, just then, the band started playing the “Notre Dame Victory March” and the football team burst through the banner.  Everybody is excited, all hearts are pounding, “Yeah, it’s gonna be a good year for the Bulldogs.”

The Star Spangled Banner played, and the band filed off the field.  Let the game begin!

The Game Begins

It did, and what a game it is, playing our arch rivals, and by halftime, we are ahead 27-17.  The band and majorettes filed down to the end-zone again.  They waited in the end zone for the half time buzzer.  There it goes now, we just have to wait for the teams to clear the field, and then.  We will start our downfield march to “Dixie,” the Bulldogs favorite fight song.  Jennifer executed the maneuvers carefully, she didn’t even drop her baton one time!  “Wow, will wonders never cease?” she thought to herself.  Leaving the field, the team was heading back their way.  “Oh, I hope I can see him.”  She thought to herself, did I really say that out loud? Love
     Guys love the majorettes, don’t they?

Half Time

Then she looked up, and there he was right in front of her, why she almost ran right straight in to him!  Bashful, she didn’t know what to say, she just mumbled, “Have a good game, Joel!”  He smiled at her!  That beautiful sassy smile!  At me, at me!  He smiled at me!  “Wanna go get something to eat after the game?” He mouthed to her, and of course she nodded her head “yes.” Probably a lot too eager, but how could it be any other way, this is her first love?  I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love!  Singing to herself, heading back up into the stands to wait for the end of the game.  It seems like an eternity.  The band played, the cheerleaders cheered, the teams played, but Jennifer wasn’t aware of anything except that gorgeous quarterback!

Post Game Activities Love
     Dairy Queen            All teenagers love            fast food

At the Dairy Queen there are so many people, most of them are school mates. But Jennifer only has eyes for him, all she can do was smile.   It was turning out to be a wonderful night.  And, it was ending way too soon.  A hamburger she couldn’t eat, a Coke she couldn’t drink, now they are headed home. Standing at the door, he gives her a quick peck on the cheek. Floating on cloud nine, she lets herself in to the house.  Oh “Young Love, First Love,” the song ran through her head, over and over again.  It was a happy, but sleepless night, she thought as she arose on Saturday morning.

              Holiday Inn                 First Job/First Love

Saturday Morning

The world is such a beautiful place she thought, thinking only of him, as she headed to the Holiday Inn to serve breakfast to her usual customers.  All those State Troopers were going to want a lot of coffee, and so would the old geezers who come in every Saturday morning to Jaw Jack with each other.   All Jennifer could do was smile, her first love and the customers can’t even get on my nerves this morning, thinking to herself.

Saturday Night at the Movies, who cares what picture you see-just kidding, getting ready for tomorrow’s Church Service

Surely, he will call tonight, she said out loud as she polished her shoes, and ironed her clothes, for Church the next morning.  It is ten O’clock, and no call, so he won’t call tonight.  I guess I might as well just go ahead and take a shower and wash my hair so it will be quicker to get ready in the morning.

Every Saturday night since she could remember, Mom made sure they all got baths and got their hair washed, and pin curled.  All the shoes had to get polished, and clothes ironed, so in the morning, they were ready quickly to get to Church on time.

After Church Activities

Jennifer woke up on Sunday morning, feeling sick at her stomach, and it hurt so bad, she had never felt such pain before in her life.  She stayed home from Church.  After the family got home they had a quick-lunch of leftovers from the other night then a lazy Sunday afternoon. Dad was going to watch football, and the rest of the family would be relaxing, spell that bor-r-r-ing.  At least so they thought, but no one could predict that the stomach ache Jennifer had suffered all day was an indicator that she would end up in the hospital that day with an appendicitis!  She thought it was just nerves, after all this was her first love, and her first date.

Oh Monday, Monday-Monday Morning

She had surgery the next morning, and was out of school for several weeks.  But unbeknownst to Jenn, being out of school didn’t mean she didn’t have to keep up her schoolwork.  No way, Jose, she still had to do all the work, even though she wasn’t feeling very well, for a few weeks.

What is the ending to this story?

How does this story end?  Do you think you can predict the ending?  Her first love, and now she is out of commission for several weeks.  How will this affect the life of a girl in love for the first time?

Want to be a published writer?  Need some exposure?  We have two blogs, and would love to have your input on one or both:  in exchange for joining our contest, we will post your writing on both blogs.

Just write, then email your ending to MiMi.  We will post the best endings, and let our readers vote.   The winner will receive a prize from G.R.I.T.S. by MiMi.  Why not try your hand at writing?

 Last day to send us your endings is March 1, 2017.  Email your entry to   All entries become the property of G.R.I.T.S. by MiMi.  Your ending and your name will be publicized on this blog.  The winner will be announced by March 9, 2017.

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