Searching for Happiness – Connecting with your True Self

Just found this incredible new website, hope everyone enjoys it!

Who are you?

I mean really, who are you?

I have been finding myself asking this question to myself lately and I must admit the conclusions I came to were a little startling not to mention deep. I realized that any search for happiness, love, and goodness begins with this simple question.

Who are you?

We are male, female, young, old, daughter, Canadian, married, single, thin, successful. We are categories. We are also our relationships to those categories. At least that is what we identify with at the end of the day. When searching for who we are in moments of doubt or looking for the confidence to build upon who we are we turn to those categories for support and guidance.

But is that who we really are? Are we just labels and categories?

I like to think we are more. In fact, I know we are, but how…

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Author: G.R.I.T.S. by MiMi

Mom, Step Mom, a mature grandmother. I'm called Mimi, because I am way too cool to be called Grandma. I have 8 grandchildren, 6 girls and 2 boys, about to add another boy in November. The oldest is 23 and married, all the way down to age 3, and boy do they keep me hoppin'! In college I was a nursing student, and thought I wanted to be an RN. We didn't have a hospital near the school I went to, so we did our clinicals in a nursing home. You can imagine how a 19 year old felt about that. I hated going to clinicals it was very depressing, and I finally decided I didn't want to be a nurse after all. But I did still liked the medical profession, so what to do???? For years I worked in offices and did boring things like accounting, then office management, and at the ripe old age of 32, I decided to go back into medical work, so I went back to school and became an EMT, and worked in a small local ambulance service. That was okay, but I quickly realized that if I was going to make any money or gain any respect at work, I had to 1, become a paramedic, and 2, go to work at a much busier, larger ambulance service. Did that, got the tee shirt, and after many years, got the back injury to prove it. So no more lifting stretchers and 500 lb people, at least that's how it felt! I moved into management, worked my way up. Back injury keeps degenerating and finally I had to retire, a shell of my former self. More on this later. NOW what do I do??? I love sewing, and upcycling clothes, making costumes, prom dresses, wedding dresses, etc., and getting really creative with them. A friend talked me into opening a store with her, and I did mostly upcycling of clothes, and being creative, AND spending a lot of money, but making very little back in comparison to what was going out. The town I live in is Conyers, GA, just east of Atlanta. They sometimes call Conyers the "Biggest little filming city in the world!" Because of all the tax breaks the State of Georgia gives, Atlanta is rapidly becoming a little Hollywood. For awhile I made enough money to keep the store running off the filming of "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals. I got to make cloaks for extras to wear on "The Originals." Which I thought was so cool! Now I am getting television exposure! Woo Hoo! But they actually have their own costumers for the big actors so that was my one and only foray into television, so far. I have thought many times that I would apply to be an extra myself, but to this point have been a bit reluctant to "put myself out there." Maybe in a few days.... I still sew, a lot, and do a lot of creative endeavors, selling some, and gifting some of my creations, maybe this will be the day I start doing something to actually make some money! What do you think? Can I make a living blogging? A little of this, a little of that, that's what you will see here, come follow me along my life's journey, maybe you will find something interesting here. If not interesting, it will surely make you laugh a little, cry a little, and become a friend of mine, I hope. Please join me!

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